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Classic, Tailored Prestige Indoor & Stormshield Outdoor Car Covers
Hi Scott

The GT-Four finally home and undercover

It is h'sing down as we "speak" and the cover is awesome !

Thanks again for all your help


Told you Peter, the weatherproofing on the Super-Shield is quite a thing to watch i action, water beads off like a wax jacket.

Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 12 October 2020
Posted By: Peter Splatt
Toyota Celica GT4, Japan
Super-Shield Ultra
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the chat today about the cover. Now that it's on the car I'm really impressed with how it looks. The quality is great and the service from you and the team was really top notch. Thank you for everything, highly recommended!


Jack R

Thanks Jack, you were a pleasure to do business with - Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 04 September 2020
Posted By: Jack Rose - Civic Type R
Super Shield Ultra with logo, Lancs
Hi Scott,

We received the cover today & it is perfect.


Linda Ringrose

Thanks for being patient Linda, glad you like it. Looks awesome on that big powerful beast. Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 04 August 2020
Posted By: Linda Ringrose
Stormshield dual colour outdoor cover, Range Rover 2006 4.2L Supercharged
This cover fits perfect!!



Looks rather snazzy, thanks Simon - Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 29 July 2020
Posted By: Simon Cooper
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish - Stormshield Heavy Duty, Billinghurst
Hi Scott,

They arrived! Those carry bags are cool!
They look like I’ve just robbed a bank ????

I took the M3 one home straight away to fit it on the car. OMG! Perfect fit. Like a glove. Dude these covers are a COUNTRY MILE away from what I had. I can’t even tell you how happy I am. Best decision ever!!!!

I’m telling you - when Dad gets these covers for his Alfa and Mini he is going to flip out. He is using the same covers as me and the difference is just HUGE. These covers are absolutely befitting for his cars.

I love the BMW and M3 embroidery. It’s a classy touch and your recommendation there was bang on. I can’t wait to see the Alfa and Mini covers on the cars and get some photos to you.

The Alfa is (fingers crossed) going to be ready for a concours in September so I’ll see if I can get some photos at that event which would be pretty neat.

I’ll be in touch Scott but thanks again for everything.

Dude, you are a Fucking. Legend.


Thanks Matt, only you could send that feedback, love it. Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 20 July 2020
Posted By: Matt Tucker - CEO Creative Crunchers
Alfa, classic Mini and BMW Covers, Queensland, Australia
Bespoke Mini logo
Hi Scott
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the car cover, extremely well made, the fit is perfect and it looks great, well worth the wait.
Kind regards
Mel & Carol King

Our Pleasure Mr & Mrs King - Scott PCC
Date of Posting: 13 July 2020
Posted By: Melvyn & Carol King
Range Rover Sport 4.2L 2006, Stormshield Heavy Duty - with bespoke wing mirror pockets

I received the cover earlier today. Great quality!!!!

Thank you,


What a stunner John, and your garage is sooooo tidy. Thanks again - Scott (PCC)
Date of Posting: 23 June 2020
Posted By: John Goga
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA
The quality of the materials is great and the strap tightening works really well.

Thx Alan

No worries Alan, glad you like it and the Macan is well covered. Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 21 June 2020
Posted By: Alan Robins
Porsche Macan, Supershield Ultra Outdoor Car Cover
HI Scott,

Thanks again for the help, I’ve finally managed to clean my car and make use of the cover :)

Love it!!



No worries Asish, looking great and very safely covered.

Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 20 June 2020
Posted By: Asish Pun
Mk6 VW Golf GTI, Supershield Ultra Outdoor Car Cover
Customers own designed logo
Good Morning Scott

Just wanted to get in touch to let you know that the cover you supplied is just as you described.

The quality of the materials and tie down system is really to a high standard and all discreetly designed to keep the ends of the buckles clear of the car and hidden.

Many thanks again for all of you communication
Kind Regards

Very much appreciated Mark, thx

Date of Posting: 31 May 2020
Posted By: Mark Ryan
BMW Dakar M3 - Super-Shield Ultra, Fife in Scotland
Hey Scott ,
Its already Nice en a good product on the ship ????????


Way to go Fabien, the whole river will have these soon!!

Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 18 May 2020
Posted By: Fabien Jacobs
Super-Shield Ultra - BMW M8, Belgium
Hi Scott

My apologies as it only arrived today, just to confirm it fits perfectly!

Thanks Oliver

Lovely car, now well protected.


Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 17 May 2020
Posted By: Oliver Jones
Honda Civic Type R - FK8 outdoor car cover, UK
Supershield Ultra
Hi Scott - u on the late Shift again !! I ran a production 12 hr Night Shift with 120 people for over 30 years from 6pm to 6 am prior to my retirement 5 years ago so know what it's like !! Just wanted to say the RSQ3 cover arrived this afternoon and is now fitted - Excellent job very well pleased


Scott: Told ya Peter, they are superb, last a life time that cover :-)

Stay Safe & Take Care. Best. Peter Alexander
Date of Posting: 24 April 2020
Posted By: Peter Alexander
Audi RSQ3 - SUPER-SHIELD ULTRA, Order and delivered during COVID-19 in 24 hours
Covers are superb Scott, many thanks.


No worries Kris, very specific brief and a lot of wind on the river so the multiple strapped Supershield Ultra is the right choice.
Date of Posting: 18 March 2020
Posted By: Kris Verschraeghen
BMW M8 and M4, Supershield Ultra Outdoor Car Covers
For use on board a moored boat in Germany
Finally got the Mustang and managed to get the cover on, looks amazing.

Ive had loads of Bullitt owners ask me about my car cover so shared your link on Facebook about 8 times now so hope you get some orders!

What a lovely customer, thanks Steve.

Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 04 March 2020
Posted By: Stephen Kitching
Prestige Custom Indoor Car Cover for a Mustang Bullitt, Silver silk Bullitt & Pony & supersize vinyl sides
Cover arrived, and the fit is excellent. Very pleased thanks for a great product.

Our pleasure, John, lovely car to have to cover. Thanks Danielle - PCC
Date of Posting: 25 January 2020
Posted By: Mr J Graham
Porsche 911 992 C4S - Supersport kit, front and back, Bucks
Prestige Custom Indoor Car Cover - black with baby blue pipes.
the cover seems brilliant, super-lightweight, easy to get on.



Our pleasure Jon - Danielle - PCC
Date of Posting: 20 January 2020
Posted By: Jon Rees
Audi A4 Avant - Stormshield Heavy Duty + Permit and Security pack, Dorset
Hi Scott

Thank you and your team so much. The cover is awesome! The wing mirrors slipped straight in as I pulled the front down. It’s amazing! So very happy I went with you

Looks good


No worries Catherine, took us a little while to get the dimensions just so for those pesky angled mirrors, but you can clearly see time taken was worth it. Happy you are happy.

Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 22 December 2019
Posted By: Catherine Jennings
1962 Humber Hawk, Stormshield Heavy Duty - with bespoke wing mirror pockets
Hello Scott
I received my cover, it's cold, it's raining and snow, my Morgan is happy ...
Great and thank you for everything, I will not fail to do your advertising and the special care you have for your customers.
Thank you for everything.
Regards Nicolas

Stunning car, now rightfully clothed in its winter jammies. Thanks for the kind words Nicolas. Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 08 December 2019
Posted By: Nicolas
Stormshield Heavy Duty - Morgan plus 4 with Swiss pack fitted, Bardonnex in Switzerland
Nice work, perfect fit, breathe and dries fast after the rain,
Ideal protection against everything that falls from the sky : leaves, insects, branches, dust, water, bird droppings, whatsoever.
Scott is very reactive.

Thank you Johan, for the kind words and pictures.

Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 11 November 2019
Posted By: Johan
Stormshield Outdoor Cover for Jaguar F-pace, Belgium
Hello Scott,

The covers arrived today. The only thing I could say is: They are awsome. Quality and fitting are absolutly perfekt! Please see the pictures. I just recommend your product to another friend of mine. He is driving a Mustang and looking forward to buy one of your covers. He going to get in contact with you soon.

Thanks for bearing with us over the address mix up Michael, took an extra couple of days to sort but glad you are happy. We love the M4 GTS wing...Scott PCC.
Date of Posting: 03 November 2019
Posted By: Michael Hoppstadter
BMW M4 CS with GTS Wing - Prestige Custom Indoor cover, Germany
Hi Scott


Thank you and the crew!

Very nice.

Looking cracking Heikki - Scott PCC
Date of Posting: 18 October 2019
Posted By: Heikki Rannik
Ford Focus RS - Stormshield Heavy Duty outdoor cover, Estonia
Looks great. Thx. D

No worries, Dominic, glad to help cover the old girl while the building work goes on.

Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 29 September 2019
Posted By: Dominic M
Porsche 356 Speedster - Stormshield Heavy Duty Cover, England
Scott, received the cover today, and I am very pleased; just lovely. Thanks ever so much.


Classic car now Pirran, deserves some comfy PJ's, looking great. Thx Scott = PCC
Date of Posting: 21 September 2019
Posted By: Pirran Driver
Lotus Elise S1 Sport 160 - Lotus Special Edition cover - green metallic, yellow pipes, West Sussex
Great cover Scott, thanks for the attention to detail.

All the best.


Looking good to me Dave, Should see that stunning motor without any ageing over another ten years, at least. Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 19 September 2019
Posted By: Dave Savage
2008/09 Porsche 911 Gen 2 Carrera S Coupe, Twickenham
Stormshield Heavy Duty Outdoor Car Cover
Hi Scott,

Cover arrived not ten minutes ago and fits well.



Our pleasure Paul, looking amazing to me - Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 20 June 2019
Posted By: Paul McMorrin
Custom Indoor Cover in Royal Blue, Aston Martin Vantage S
Hi Scott,

Apologies for delay, been trying to get new garage presentable!

See attached pics of cover. It’s spot on.


No worries, lovely to see the old lady in her PJ's. Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 02 June 2019
Posted By: Chris D'arcy Burt
Lotus Elise S1 160, Prestige Custom Indoor Cover with golden pipes
Hi Scott,

The extra TVR covers arrived this morning and look good.

Kind Regards,


A vision in purple...nice!! Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 27 April 2019
Posted By: Jon Langley
TVR Sagaris & TVR T350t Prestige Custom Indoor Covers, Purple with white pipes and logo's
Hi Scott

I wanted to thank you for sending the cover which arrived Friday, fits perfectly and I love it. I will be recommending you to other type R owners who I know. I fly back Sunday for 3 months away again but will miss the car.

Kind regards

No worries, a lot of rear aero to cover and looks great to me. Scott - PCC
Date of Posting: 24 April 2019
Posted By: Steve Kitching
Honda Civic Type R - GT Prestige Custom Indoor Cover, Type R logo and red pipes and wings
Dear Scott,

Received the cover a few days ago, much sooner than expected but that's all good.

It looks great!

I have attached a photo of my car in my garage, so perhaps not ideal. Not sure why the black looks blue - must be my phone!

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards.

Adam Magos

My pleasure Adam, looks rather good, loving the yellow pipes.



Date of Posting: 05 April 2019
Posted By: Adam Magos
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sportshift Coupe, Prestige Custom Indoor in black with yellow pipes and silver logo
Barnet in Herts

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